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New Parents Network functions as a clearinghouse for local and general parenting information. Government agencies, social services and non-profits are invited to submit their service descriptions and educational information to our web application.

If you represent a company and you want a presence on our site, please email us for our price list for sponsorships of individual messages, categories and the main page.

We welcome simple tips, complex documents, brochures (.pdf), photos, videos, posters and other multi-media formats to communicate preventative parenting information to home computer users and those who serve families. Responsibilities and Information Guidelines for Inclusion on

New Parents Network mode of operation:

1. New Parents Network is an independent, non-profit organization with no religious or political affiliation. We serve as a resource in a manner similar to that of the public library.
2. New Parents Network will give recognition to all contributing sources of information.
3. New Parents Network reserves the right to publish or to refuse to publish any information submitted.


For Organizations Submitting Information:

1. The information submitted must address issues pertinent to parenting and child rearing.
2. The information must not give specific medical advice that would prompt a user to act upon the information alone, instead of seeking medical advice.
3. The information submitted must come from established, recognized authorities such as health care providers, social services, non-profits, government agencies or professional organizations.
4. The information submitted must be in the public domain. If not, the contributing source must give written permission to New Parents Network to include it on with the understanding that it will be copied and distributed.
5. The information submitted and the contributing source must be verifiable.
6. If the information is dynamic, the contributing source is responsible for keeping updated with current information.