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Child and Family Resources

Child and Family Resources - a non-profit agency dedicated to improving the well-being of Arizona's children and families through programs that strengthen child care, youth and families.

Choices for Families - Offers in-home family support services through a community-based, multi-disciplinary collaboration. The continuum of services promote positive parenting, enhance family functioning and assist families in maintaining self sufficiency. In Douglas, Nogales, Safford, Sierra Vista, Tucson, and Yuma.

Community Assist of Southern Arizona (CASA) - Provides education and prevention information about lead, arsenic, upper respiratory disease and other environmental hazards. CASA also provides health information outreach through community events, pharmacies, radio stations and schools. Families in Nogales, Douglas, Yuma and South Tucson receive education through in-home visits. Designed as a four-year research project, this program will focus on one of the selected communities each year.

Early Intervention for Infants & Toddlers - Provides home-based intervention for infants, toddlers and their families who meet the eligibility criteria set by the Division of Developmental Disabilities. In Tucson only.

Family Builders - Provides in-home assistance through a collaboration of community agencies to families referred by Child Protective Services. Families are offered parenting and life skills education, assistance in accessing community resources, crisis intervention and emotional support. In Phoenix, Tucson.

Healthy Families - A community-based home visitation program which provides support services beginning at the birth of a child or pre-natally. Healthy Families is designed to reduce stress, enhance family functioning, promote child development and positive parent-child interaction, and minimize the incidence of abuse and neglect. In Douglas, Nogales, Phoenix, Safford, Sierra Vista, Tucson.

New! Parenting Education - Court-ordered education classes help parents resolve conflicts in their families and meet the needs of their children. In Phoenix only.

New! Supervised Visitation Services - A trained worker supervises court-ordered visits between a parent and his or her children. The program also offers safe exchange services and therapeutic visitations. In Phoenix only.