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Arizona Smokers' Helpline

Are you ready to quit smoking?

What is the Arizona Smokers' Helpline?
The goal of the Arizona Smokers' Helpline is to increase the accessibility of effective, research-based tobacco use cessation services to Arizona residents. In order to achieve this goal, we offer:
*  Telephone counseling on an individual basis. 
*  Telephone counseling in English and Spanish. 
*  Web-based services 
*  Printed materials 
*  Referrals to local quit tobacco classes in your community

The Arizona Smokers' Helpline provides tobacco use cessation services to all Arizona residents. Since its inception, the Helpline has received over 10,000 calls each year.
The Helpline employs various approaches to maximize the accessibility of tobacco cessation. These include:

*  Individualized planning and tailoring 
*  Client anonymity and confidentiality 
*  Proactive Counseling 
*  Structured Protocol Counseling 
*  Culturally Competent and Sensitive Counseling