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About Us

Our Mission

Founded in 1988, New Parents Network's mission is to help children worldwide by reaching families with parenting information through the creative use of technology.

At the core of our service is the recognition that human life is precious and that by increasing access to information lives can be saved, accidents avoided, stress reduced and families strengthened.

New Parents Network helps families by:

  • Managing a collection of multi-lingual, multi-media information reflective of individual communities' needs at,
  • Recognizing and incorporating cultural differences in child-rearing in all of its services,
  • Using technology to disseminate and increase access to parenting information, particularly among those most in need and hardest to reach.

Our History

Ms. Karen Storek founded New Parents Network in 1988 out of her often frustrating experience stumbling across vital parenting information on a hit-or-miss basis. She realized that thousands of agencies had been specifically created to help parents and children, and that their information needed to be brought together, all in one easy-to-access, free location, using technology in creative ways to reach anyone, even those without computer and Internet access.

Over the years, New Parents Network's dynamic library of parenting information has grown and the means of distribution has evolved:

  • 1988-1994 a packet of community information was given to Tucson Medical Center’s hospital maternity patients in Tucson,
  • 1991-1994 NPN pioneered the nation's first computer bulletin board system of parenting information,
  • 1992-2000 NPN created the first software program of its kind for kiosks located at Tucson Medical Center and the Pima County Health Department, reaching below-poverty-level families,
  • 1999-present NPN’s TV Public Service Announcement campaign,
  • 1994-present communicating English and Spanish parenting information in various formats such as simple tips, audio sound bytes, photos, videos, brochures and posters, specifically to help health care providers and agencies serving families, but additionally reaching the home Internet user.